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About the Company

Novatia is a dynamic, young and innovative company in the business of using technology to simplify every day transactions.

At Novatia, we believe that simplicity is the key and take a disruptive approach to long-established processes that over-complicate the way we do business.

We build automated solutions that work, enabling people to engage in a way that delivers convenience, speed, efficiency and value, while eliminating the complexities.

Our solutions are built to integrate easily and seamlessly, using leading-edge technology, enabling us to work with a variety of partners and systems integrators.

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Our Products


NovaPay enables convenient and instant remittance to Africa, direct to bank accounts or mobile money wallets.

We are excited about the potential presented by this disruptive solution, given the long-standing tradition and domination of the market by the established order.


SmartDesk Hotel Reservation System enables hotels in Africa to quickly and efficiently take room bookings, as well as providing a Facilities Management and Point of Sale solution.

SmartDesk can be quickly and easily integrated into an Online Travel Agent's (OTA) system, eliminating huge overheads, increasing efficiency and increasing the bottom-line.

Maid In Nigeria

Maid in Nigeria was created out of a need to provide verifiable, vetted and reliable domestic staff to the nigerian populace. Due to the busy lifestyle of the average Nigerian, we are increasingly dependent on a little extra support to ensure we can continue to grow our careers, while being able to support our families.

While we understand the need to use the services of agents in a more diverse world compared to the old traditional setting, a little more can be done to provide a level of comfort and assurance in the process of sourcing this most essential of services. Maid In Nigeria helps to provide access to vetted domestic servants.